Poison is an enchanting middle grade novel that takes the reader through a world of potions, witches, princesses, goblins, and criminals. This novel features Kyra, an adolescent that is wise beyond her years. Kyra is a talented potioner and in order to save the kingdom–her home–she has to kill her best friend, the princess. When her attempt at murdering the princess fails the kingdom’s army sets off to track down Kyra. Once the kingdom’s army is hunting for Kyra, she becomes a convict on the run. With the help of a piglet named Rosie and a goofy guy named Fred, Kyra does her best to save the kingdom and keep her life.

I really liked Poison. This novel was a quick read that pulled me through twists, turns, and a series of adventures. It constantly kept me on my toes; when everything seemed smooth-sailing for the main character another conflict would arise. I enjoyed Kyra. It was refreshing to meet a strong and capable female protagonist. Kyra meant business and wasn’t afraid to stand up to any guys. I also appreciated the piglet, Rosie- a main character in this book. At first, when I saw that the cover said: “Can she save the kingdom with a piglet?” I did a tiny internal eye-roll. BUT, the pig played a vital role in the novel, and added an extra ounce of adorableness to the book.

I recommend this novel to young readers who want to be transported to a magical land. Poison is a page-turner and an enchanting read. With just the right amount of fantasy, romance, and adventure Poison is the ideal middle-grade book. Enjoy!
~Post by Erin

About the Book
Title: Poison
Author: Bridget Zinn
Release Date: 3/12/13