I’ve never read a Sara Zarr book before, but I was really excited about this one. I had heard some lukewarm reviews of it before reading it, but the subject matter made me ignore all of that and dive in.

I play piano (not nearly at Lucy’s level though!) so I understood a lot of what Lucy described in this book: the love of classical music you have, how it feels to perform, how you feel when you can just fly through a piece. I think this what made me love this book so much! If Lucy hadn’t been a pianist I don’t think I could’ve connected with this book, or if I wasn’t a pianist! I think one of my favorite parts of Lucy was how flawed she was and how many times she screwed up over the course of this book, but each time she got through it. She grew as a person, learned from her mistakes, and in the end, these mistakes were the ones that shaped her at the end of the book.

Now WILL. Oh my gosh, I just wanted to rip his little head off. He… ugh. I won’t spoil anything for you, so I’ll stop there, but I just… nope. Nope. Nope. Her brother though? LOVE Gus. He was hilarious, kind, sweet, and kind of made me want a little brother. But I think the best part of Gus and Lucy’s relationship is that the two of them fought, but deep inside you could tell that they loved each other and wanted each other to be happy – which is a key part of this book. Lucy’s family and her fight to figure out what she wants and how they can get her there.

This book is character driven. Even though some of the characters, I’m not naming names, are infuriating all of them are so well written that they evoke that kind of passion in the reader. It has romantic elements, but in its core it’s a story about a girl who doesn’t know what she wants. I loved this book, and highly recommend it – it’s a beautiful story, and maybe it’ll turn you on to some classical music! I know that I have discovered The Metamorphosis by Phillip Glass thanks to Lucy!
~post by Willa

About the Book
Title: The Lucy Variations
Author: Sara Zarr
Release Date: 3/7/13