Gorgeous is at first glance a somewhat “cliche” book, (girl falls in love with Prince but they have an obstacle- will their love survive?) but it successfully made me fall in love and consumed me at the same time. From the summary you may think, “chick-flicky book with a girl who gets remade and falls in love with a Prince”, but after reading this book, I thought, “amazing book that blew my brains out and made me fall in love with a Prince and a gay actor and a kick-butt best friend and a girl who is kind of two different people”. Gorgeous is so much more than just a chick-lit book; it has real-life lessons, some hilarious dialogue (guys, this Prince is freaking A COMEDIAN – not really, but he should be), and is just darn addicting.

Becky (or rather Rebecca if you’re feeling sophisticated) is a girl I would love to know. She’s kind, hilarious, and down to earth – a very believable girl character . I really related to Becky – her insecurities, her lack of confidence in many situations, and how she wants to make her mother proud. The book starts off with Becky who is dealing with her mother’s death from “morbid obesity” as it is described at one point in the novel, and has found a slip of paper with a phone number scrawled on it. She calls the number, tells the person who answers her name, and is offered a $1,000 dollars and a flight to New York City. From here, Becky is transformed (but only kind of… it’s hard to describe, so I’ll just let you read it!) and when this transformation takes place, the girl everyone else sees isn’t Becky. It is her on the inside, but not on the outside. This battle within Becky is what drives the novel, along with her fight to determine what she is supposed to do with the path she has been given.

On to the supporting characters! Rocher is the best friend I would like to steal and kidnap and just have to experience life with. She’s so funny, supportive, loving, and gives Becky the best advice. I feel like if I had Rocher at my side for just one day, I’d be on the path to victory. Jate, an actor who Becky has fantasized as a child about and meets during her adventures, is the kind of guy I would like to be my GBF (gay best friend). He’s just a fantastic person for Becky to be around, because he keeps her grounded and teaches her  important lessons. Prince Gregory is my now on the dream guy list: he’s SO FUNNY, kind, and down-to-earth. I would like a Prince Gregory, please.

I highly, highly, highly recommend Gorgeous. It’s a wonderful read filled with hilarious moments, life lessons, and some amazing characters you won’t forget! It’s a poolside/long car ride/rainy day read – one that you can consume in one sitting, basically. Eighty billion stars from me!
~Post by Willa
About the Book
Title: Gorgeous
Author: Paul Rudnick
Release Date: 4/30/13