Me upon receiving this book:

This book is just too much. Venom was mind-blowingly amazing. I just died. The romance, the historical elements, the drama, the mystery… IT WAS TOO MUCH.

And then Fiona Paul did it again. WHY WORLD? WHY DOES SHE DO THIS TO ME? The Falco/Luca thing murdered my heart. Luca becomes much more of a key part of the story in Belladonna, and I loved how Cass grows to enjoy his company like she used to. I think this element of Cass’s character is one of my favorites, and definitely an awesome element of the story! And then Falco…. dreamy, dreamy Falco… I’m not going to say anything on that, other than AAAAHHHHHH.

The plot line, you guys- it’s addicting and even more dramatic! More secrets and drama and sneaking out at night in beautiful dresses! Except this time, Cass goes to Florence, so now there’s Venice and Florence. Mind blown. Fiona Paul is such a beautiful writer, so the scenery in this book is amazing, and so well described! Now I want to go to Florence even more.

I don’t know what else to say, other than:

  • major fangirling
  • romance
  • mystery
  • better than #1 if that’s possible.

~post by Erin

About the Book
Title: Belladonna
Author: Fiona Paul
Release Date: July 16, 2013