One of our favorite authors, “Ruta Sepetys was decorated with Lithuania’s ‘Cross of the Knight of the Order’ by the President of Lithuania in a ceremony last weekend at the nation’s Presidential Palace in Vilnius. Sepetys was awarded the honor in recognition of her novel Between Shades of Gray, as well as her continued work sharing the little-known history of Stalin’s ethnic cleansing in the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia,” PW reported.

We congratulate Ruta on this high honor, and are happy to share some love of our own for her work.

Between Shades of Gray was breath taking. I learned from this book, and thoroughly enjoyed it at the same time. I knew about the devastating story of the Holocaust, but I had no idea that at the same time of the Holocaust 20 million other people died under the wrath of Stalin, the head of the Soviet Union in the 40s and 50s. Between Shades of Gray is devastating, beautiful, and a page turner all at once. It will make you question your values and rethink what you have.” – Erin, TPC.
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To be honest, it was an aspect of World War II that I really had no idea about until I read the book. The book explains why no one knows about this part of World War II… This really is an incredibly well written story. It made me think, “that could be me.”” -Meredith, TPC.
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