The spaceship Asherah is in its final months of a five hundred year journey to the planet Zehava. Sixteen year old Terra Fineberg, assigned to a boring job as a botanist and dealing with a father who only sees her when he’s yelling at her, can’t wait to leave the ship for a better life on Zehava. When Terra sees a man murdered in cold blood by the captain’s gaurd, the dark underbelly of life on Ashera is revealed to her. As she joins a secret rebellion set on overturning the council, Terra finds that she might play a bigger role in the fate of her people than she could have ever imagined.

Did I hear someone say spaceships and secret rebellions? *pulls up chair* Let us discuss.

I loved the world-building in Starglass; society would be much different from not only now but also from on Earth in the future and the author explored that very well. She took time to establish the intricate details of life on Asherah. We as humans often look to the future as much better than how it is now, but dystopian futuristic books revel in showing us that that’s not always the case. Many YA protagonists have lost one or both parents, and Terra Fineberg is no exception. The death of a parent and how it can affect a person is handled seriously and with purpose.  Despite the blurb, it was more of a coming of age story than a thriller, but enjoyable none the less.
~post by Emily

About the Book
Title: Starglass
Author: Phoebe North
Release Date: July 23, 2013