Jeremy Johnson Johnson can hear ghosts stuck in limbo. One ghost in particular, Jacob Grimm, of the famous fairy tale collectors, the Brothers Grimm, sticks around Jeremy and advises him. After one mislead prank concocted by Ginger, a fiery adventuress, the town begins to shun Jeremy. His mother already left, his father’s practically not there, and the bank is threatening to take his home and bookshop because of overdue payments on a loan. Life seems worse than ever for Jeremy, but unfortunately it gets worse still. The Finder of Occasions, an unknown threat who waits for opportunities to ruin lives, is coming after Jeremy and Ginger.

The back does not do this book justice. I loved Far Far Away. It had just the right mix of fantasy elements and real world happenings. It was the kind of book where I guessed who the bad guy was, but I wasn’t sure if I was right and I still was kept in suspense. There are moments where you will want to read ahead because you can’t believe this is happening and you’re so into this book. Don’t let the names discourage you from reading this book, they actually create a cute, small-town-y feeling, and are not annoyingly weird for the sake of being weird.
~post by Mackinsey

About the Book:
Title: Far Far Away
Author: Tom McNeal
Release Date: 6/2013