Title: Steelheart
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Release Date: 9/24/13

Reviewed by: Laura

When Calamity struck, the world changed. Ordinary men and women became Epics, granted with amazing powers. These Epics have become a plague to society, bringing destruction and fear wherever they go. When Steelheart, the strongest Epic in the world, kills David’s father, David experiences that destruction first hand. Determined to exact revenge, David has one major advantage that no one else has: he has seen Steelheart bleed. 10 years later David teams up with the Reckoners, a shadowy group of humans intent on killing Epics, to bring about Steelheart’s death. Will they succeed, or will they crumble before the mighty Steelheart? With unseen twists and enough action to keep you on your toes, Steelheart is a read that will not disappoint.

In general, I don’t really enjoy futuristic or apocalypse books, but Steelheart is an amazing exception to this rule. The idea of taking those we would usually view as superheroes and making them villains really gave the book a unique spin that set it apart. What I really liked best was that even though this book is set in the future, there are so many elements that make it relatable to the present with only a few splashes of futuristic concepts that didn’t make the novel completely unbelievable.