Although the Austin Teen Book Festival was a week ago, the Teen Press Corps is still winding down from all the excitement and festivities. With over 4.000 YA lovers and 41 authors present, the Austin Convention Center was full of characters and passionate readers! This has to be one of  the best years yet and we can’t stop talking about our favorite moments. Here they are all in one post!!

E  M  I  l  Y:

“The Festival was a really enjoyable, high-energy event. I loved listening to the author panels because you got to know the authors who wrote your favorite books better! My favorite panel was Into The Heart of Darkness. They were funny and the devil horns gave it a nice touch!!!”


L  A  U  R  A:

“My favorite part of ATBF was hanging out with my friends and meeting new people who read the books that I love. Also, going to the panels and buying all the books and getting them signed was a plus! I also got to meet some of my favorite authors!!”

atbf authorss

K  E  N  D  A  L  L:

“ATBF was amazing! We got to meet so many incredible authors. My favorite part was meeting and interviewing Brandon Sanderson! It was EPIC!! The Dark Days vs. Fierce Reads game show was so fun that I laughed the whole way through! I cannot wait to see what they come up with for next year!”

The festival was a day to support YA literature and a day for teens to fan-girl & fan-boy over their favorite books and authors.  With the festival over we are now diving into our new books and wishing we could fast forward to ATBF 2014!

If you missed any of part of the festival, the TPC was there to cover all panels and speakers! You should also check out the hilarious author and event photos while your at it!

We also have quite a few signed books available from the fest. You can find them on our shelves here at BookPeople and on our website, (We ship all over the world!)