allegiant poster

We have less than two weeks until Allegiant is on our shelves and excitement is a little hard to suppress.  If you have read and loved the last two books in the series (Divergent and Insurgent), you know that there are a few unanswered questions right now, such as:

1. What is behind the fence of Chicago?

2. Who will die next?

3. What the heck is up with Caleb?

4. Who is Amanda Skinner!!!!????

I don’t know about you guys, but these are some serious questions that Ms. Roth needs to lay down before the story ends.  With all the excitement following the movie and the release of the last book *tears* the TPC would like to take a trip down memory lane and revisit our when we first fell in love with the series.


“What an incredible book! Divergent is mind boggling. It’s one of those books that really makes you think, and it made me question my values! Coming into the book, I was thinking it would just be another YA dystopian book, and Divergent definitely went beyond my expectations! The plot is beautifully crafted and the entire novel is extremely well written, with romance, action, and stunning characters. I stayed up all night one night reading this book! I simply couldn’t put Divergent down!”


“I read the first two books and loved them. I really liked the action and I usually dont like the romance but this one was good!”

Laura says:

“I cant wait!!!!!”

laura laura

We are excited and sad to see the series come to an end but we cannot wait to see what the finale will reveal and we are hoping for an epic ending for our most beloved characters!!! We also are grateful to have three more years with Tris and Four on the big screen! Now we must leave you with some swoon-worthy movie posters!

How do you guys feel about the Divergent series coming to an end?