spooky reads22

The Teen Press Corps just loves getting into the holiday spirit and what better way to celebrate Halloween this year than with some of our favorite spooky reads? Hayden is a fan of all things horror. He compiled list of his top five favorite YA horror books.

the enemy

1. The Enemy by Charlie Higson

If you are looking for a terrifying read, start with The Enemy. A horrifying story about zombies taking over and the last remnants of humanity fighting for survival, it’s so gritty and scary that you wont sleep for a week!

maze runner

2. Maze Runner by James Dashner

Imagine waking up in a strange maze with no memories of who you are. This might not seem scary at first, but this book left me horrified. James Dashner had the right amount of dystopian and fear factor throughout the entire read!

those that wake

3. ThoseThat Wake by Jesse Karp

A psychological thriller that might not have zombies, monsters, or demons – but sometimes the scariest beings of all are human.


4. Lockdown (Escape from The Furnace#1) by Alexander Gordon Smith

Disgusting, evil, and terrifying, the Furnace series is a one part horror, one part dystopian series on what goes bump in the night at a prison for teenagers in the near future.

5. Homeland by Corey Doctrowhomeland

How fragile are our rights in America? While this doesn’t seem like a very scary question on the surface, in Homeland it is the most terrifying question of all.