Goodbye, Rebel Blue

Title:Goodbye, Rebel Blue
Author: Shelley Coriell
Release Date: 10/1/2013

Reviewed by: Willa

Shelley Coriell is one of my favorite authors for multiple reasons, but the top reason is her characters are down-right hilarious. Rebel was no different.

Rebecca “Rebel” Blue has a fire in her, a fire that she both displays openly and keeps tucked away. She shows the world the rebellious, sarcastic girl who doesn’t care what people think, but on the inside she’s struggling to find who she is in a world where no one sees her. Until, that is, she meets Kennedy Green, and even though they only speak for the duration of one detention class, Kennedy makes an impact on Rebel. She questions Rebel, she makes Rebel reconsider the choices she’s made in her life thus far, and when Kennedy dies in a car accident and Rebel tries to get rid of Kennedy’s bucket list, she can’t. She literally can’t. The list always seems to find its way back to her, so eventually, Rebel keeps it, and decides to finish it.

That’s where things get interesting.

This is when we meet Nate, your stereotypical smart, popular type, except (LOVED THIS) he’s Hispanic, he’s going to be the first one in his family to go to college, and he’s struggling with his parents’ expectations and his own desires. It’s a story that defines so many teenagers, and I think that Coriell did a fantastic job portraying his struggles in a very real way.  At first, I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of Nate, but as I read on and learned more about him, I felt a connection to him.

Rebel and Nate’s relationship was my favorite part of this entire book, because it wasn’t the whole book. The book wasn’t a love story. Sure, it had elements of romance, but this book is about Rebel. It’s about her seeing that she can be someone other than who everyone believes her to be. It’s about her seeing hope in her future, it’s about family and friendship and love.

Shelly Coriell is one of those authors everyone should read, because even if you don’t love her characters, you will appreciate her storylines and her wit. I think I cried and laughed at the same time while reading Goodbye, Rebel Blue, and that’s a first.