For Darkness Shows the Stars

Title:For Darkness Shows the Stars
Author: Diana Peterfreund
Release Date:
07/02/13 (in paperback)
Reviewed by: Willa

This book. Like holy guacamole. How can a book be so darn amazing?

When Elliot North’s childhood friend – and more – left his family’s property, Elliot was left mildly heartbroken and taking charge of the farm her family owns. But when he comes back with a group of reknowned explorers, secrets surface, and the past is tested – and perhaps not in the way Elliot would like. This new world reminded me of the South before the Civil War in a lot of ways – servants, plantations, the outfits, and then the tension with runaways and what we could consider the North. I could picture each scene, each building – it was all so beautiful and vivid.

The characters in this book were so real to me. Some of them I absolutely despised. Some I adored. Some were in the middle. And some grew on me – just like people do in real life. The romantic tension was unbearable – I just wanted them to admit they still liked each other and move on about halfway through the book. But this made for a much nicer ending, which made me giddy with excitement for the sequel (Across a Star-Swept Sea, now available).

This book would be perfect for fans of dystopian books with a hint of romance, and a strong female lead! Loved this one so much it’s hard to write a review!