H A Y D E N: Firefight by Brandon Sanderson
(Due Fall 2014)

“The sequel to Steelheart is going to be epic. It will follow an apocalyptic world where super powered humans rule, with a small group of revolutionaries fighting to free everyone!”

W I L L A: What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick
(On sale 4/15/14)

“I read My Life Next Door and loved it! Now the author has this book coming out out and I can hardly wait! If it’s just as good  as My Life Next Door – I have to read it!”

E M I L Y: This Star Won’t Go Out by Esther Grace Earl
(On sale 1/28/14)

“I’ve been in the Nerdfighter community for almost two years and I’m really excited to read Esther’s story because she is the perfect example of what this community is all about! I have heard so much about her and her accomplishments from around the web and from John Green, but it’s a different experience coming for Esther, herself.”

K E N D A L L: Zom-B Gladiator by Darren Shan
(Just hit shelves! Now available!)

“OMG, I cannot tell you how excited I am for you to read the next book in the Zom-B series! I am Darren Shan’s biggest fan and I love all his teen horror books! Love them!”