period 8

Title: Period 8
Author: Chris Crutcher
Release Date: 03/1/2013

Reviewed by: Hayden

Teen years are brutal. Kids are met with challenges academically, emotionally, and physically as they transition into adulthood. That’s what period 8 is designed for. A class where kids can unwind and talk about all the problems they have to face in a safe place. It’s a noble idea. The problem with noble ideas is they don’t always go as planned. What do you think happens when a disappearing girl, a psychopath, infidelity and parental abuse all enter the serene period 8 group at once? The answer is one of the most riveting books about growing up that I have ever read. Period 8 isn’t just the story of one boy trying to transition to adulthood, it’s the story of him questioning himself, his friends, his family, and his teachers. Take a mystery novel, throw in a slice-of-life, add some seriously messed up thriller action, and you have an idea of how this book reads. You won’t see the ending coming, and by the end you’ll be asking yourself, what is the meaning of the word “adult”?