Title: Blackout
Author: Robison Wells
Release Date: 10/1/2013

Reviewed by: Hayden

The story of Blackout fuses several genres that have become popular over the last few years. World changing disease, post-terrorist attack US, and super powers: Blackout has them all. I was looking forward to reading this book as soon as I received it. I was drawn into its human characters, realistic situations, and the story of a world sometimes all too possible. The thing that really ensnared me about BlackOut was the virus. I usually find disease books unnecessarily unsettling, all too real ,scary, and sad. However this book wasn’t like that. The disease added an interesting dynamic to the book, but it didn’t overpower it. The disease was the main antagonist, but it wasn’t the main villain. It added an interesting dynamic to the story. The characters themselves were incredibly human and acted exactly how any other person would in many circumstances. They acted like amplifiers to the story of this collapsing nation. I would recommend this book to any person who likes to read anything from mystery to science fiction. There is a little in here for everyone.