Title: Storm
Author: D.J. MacHale
Release Date:
Reviewed by: Hayden

For all of those Pendragon fans out there, get ready for D. J. MacHale’s stunning continuation of his new series, The Sylo Chronicles. Sylo left us feeling confused, saddened, electrified, and horrified all in the last chapter alone. Storm takes a different turn by using, short, world-shattering revelations, that only leave more questions to be answered. The characters become identifiable, and you truly begin to hope that all the characters survive, not just the main character. While Sylo was about a boy leaving his ravaged home for some place new, Storm is the story of searching for a home. I really enjoyed this book, not only because of the mystery and periodic comic relief, but more due to the way the characters interact, how we are never allowed to forget how young the main characters are, and how MacHale has created a world that is as plausible as it is impossible. If you’re looking for some nice thick reading for a few weeks, Sylo and Storm should be your first stops.