Title: Reboot
Author: Amy Tintera
Release Date: 05/1/2013

Reviewed by: Xander

In Amy Tintera’s debut novel Reboot, Wren Conolly is a reboot—a human who died and came back to life, and is now faster, stronger and heals quicker. Reboots live in a building of the Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation (HARC). She is a soldier, and along with that, the strongest reboot in the Republic of Texas. After she was shot in the chest three times and killed, she returned as a reboot in 178 minutes. Other reboots have lower reboot numbers, like 72, or 124. The higher the number, the more deadly you are.

Enter Callum Reyes, one of the lowest of the low—a 22. When he arrives at the HARC building, he meets Wren, who sees something in him. On selection day she chooses him, even though she is known for choosing reboots with the highest numbers. When Callum is forced to make a choice to go on a real-life mission or be killed because of his low performance, Wren knows she has to help him. She makes an escape plan, to go to the rumored Reboot Reservation Camp run by rebels to escape HARC. In a thrilling, action-packed dystopian debut, Amy Tintera creates a story that is sure to leave readers wanting more.

This book was incredible. The story was so full of action, suspense and awesomeness that it was hard to put down. The world that the author created is amazing. This was definitely one of the best dystopians I have ever read. The idea is very unique and cool—people dying and then coming back to life again, as a zombie-like, more advanced human. Tintera describes the setting really well, and Wren and Callum were well written. I cannot wait for the sequel, Rebel, the final book in the duology, as well as more books by Amy Tintera.


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