divergent movie poster
Divergent: The Movie
Reviewed by Kendall


OMG! Divergent is a movie!! I am someone who just recently read the books and a, in obsession mode! May I just say WOW! This is one of the very few book to movie adaptation that actually pleased me. The characters and casting were right. The directing, script, and setting were stellar. Let’s just say, I absolutely loved it! Now I know most people probably won’t agree with me, but I think they hit a home-run with this movie. (The Hollywood people seem to agree with me since they’ve already green lighted Insurgent and Allegiant. EEEP!) This movie is about as good as it’s gonna get with a book to movie adaptation. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you grab your best fan-girls, get some tickets, and head on over to your local theater. Seriously, see it at soon as possible! I give this movie a definite 4/5! (Also, for all you fan-girls, Four is so totally gorgeous!)