the here and now


Title:The Here & Now
Author: Ann Brashares
Release Date: 04/8/2014

Reviewed by: Olivia


Ann Brashares (Author of the bestselling Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series) has caught attention once again with her exquisite writing skills and witty ideas in The Here And Now, a spectacular, thrilling read of romance and truth. Brashares takes a rebellious turn in her writing with a time-traveling, mysterious romance that will catch your heart and attention right from the beginning.

The story unravels from the first page with the daringly sweet and charming main character Prenna and the sensitive and intelligent Ethan who have fallen for each other right. But the difference between the two is Ethan is from 2014- a regular, 18 year-old guy who enjoys card games and the world of Physics, while Prenna is from the 2090’s and has come back to the beautiful 2014 before a terrible plague throws the world upside down.

Prenna’s come into our time with a whole community that survived their terrible epidemic, but they aren’t here to just stay safe. Well, not Prenna.

She’s on a mission to save the world from destruction in the future, to save the ones she has lost and loved, and to make a better future for all. But authorities in her community are tracking her every move, every word she says. How can she break beyond the barrier of their strict rules to save mankind itself?

This is a mysterious novel that will capture your mind and thoughts long after the last page. Follow Prenna and Ethan on their journey to save not just the future of the world, but their own futures together.

The Here And Now News:

Pick up this book fast because before you know it, it’ll be on the big screen! Yes, The Here & Now is already a hit – it’s been announced it will be a movie! Get this novel ASAP and join Prenna’s adventurous tale on paper to screen.
Join us on the 24th of April at 7:00 PM when Ann Brashares is here at BookPeople meeting fans, answering questions and signing copies of her new book!