Title: Tease
Author: Amanda Maciel
Release Date: 04/29/2014

Reviewed by: Kendall
Emma Putnam is dead, and it’s all Sara Wharton’s fault. At least, that’s what everyone seems to think.
Tease is a book about a young girl, Sara, whose classmate, Emma, commits suicide. Everyone blames Emma’s death on Sara and her best friend, Brielle. Because Sara and Brielle teased Emma, people believe they are the ones responsible for Emma’s death. Tease follows Sara as she comes to terms with what is happening. 
Tease follows a storyline that I have never read about before. Teenagers being put on trial because they bullied someone who then committed suicide. I actually really liked this book. It gives us a view into the minds of bullies. Sara Wharton, the main character and narrator, was a bully. She was mean and cruel. But, in her mind, Emma deserved it. I have never seen a book that tries to rationalize why bullies are bullies. It was very interesting to delve into their minds and see their motives. It was also interesting how Amanda rationalized why the people in the book were putting these kids on trial. I felt more sorry for Sara and Emma both. It is a feat and a testament to the author when they can make you feel something towards someone you would normally hate. I think this book is very well written. Anyone who likes teenage drama and angst with a little Law and Order thrown in should definitely read this book.