here after


Title: Hereafter
Author: Kate Brian
Release Date: 10/1/2013

Reviewed by: Adrienne


What happens after we die? Well, teenage Rory Miller gets to experience it first hand. After learning the truth about where she is, on Juniper Landing, she is recruited to join the Lifers- special people who usher other beings to the afterworlds. Her awesome attitude about things (discovering she can’t die, making new friends) is so much fun to read. Unfortunately, Rory’s timing of arrival on Juniper Landing isn’t the best. She is blamed for the mysterious happenings that shouldn’t quite be happening, and it’s up to her to figure out what is causing the corruption in her little utopia. With a total plot twist by one of the characters I loved, I felt betrayed! The character was one I really loved! The author did a fantastic job keeping that little secret hidden. I also liked how the author created another little alternative answer to the after-death spectrum. Although I’m not a big fan of fantasy, this book really did a good job of wowing me.