this is war

Title: This is W.A.R.
Author: Lisa & Laura Roecker
Release Date: 05/6/2014

Reviewed by: Miriam

It was the perfect night for the 4th of July, the best party at the club and everyone was happy. Then, Willa Ames-Rowan went missing. At least until the police pulled her body from the lake. Everyone said it was an accident except for one thing: everyone knew who killed her. Or, they thought they did. The next day Willa’s friends start a secret club called W.A.R. to get revenge on her killer. Rose, an unpopular girl and somewhat of a friend to Willa, decides to help W.A.R., whether they want her to or not. Lina, Madge and Sloane slowly start to accept her into the group as they come up with ideas to ruin the killer’s life. My favorite character is Lina because although she looks tough and mean with her tattoos and her I-don’t-care attitude, she is really nice and she wants friends to help her through tough times. My second favorite character is Sloane because even though she thinks she’s stupid, she’s actually pretty smart and funny when she accidentally says things she isn’t supposed to say. I didn’t love Mari because she would blackmail people. The setting really helped me picture the club, so all the places weren’t that confusing. I liked how the authors described the club and especially  the W.A.R.’s hangout spot. Overall, I really liked this book. There was enough action and mystery to get through it, and it was hard to put down after the first few chapters and reading how the characters interact. The way all the blackmailing and revenge happened really created a huge plot twist that was shocking.