~post by Willa

Oh, The Fault in Our Stars, book that has taken over this year’s (and last year’s) top sellers and become the most anticipated film of the summer. As someone who read TFiOS in February of 2012 (read my review here) – so, you know, early – it’s been so cool to see it grow and mature into an icon of Young Adult literature. So when the movie was announced, I was a bit, not worried, but hesitant. I didn’t want it to turn out as so many other book-to-movie franchises have, with a plot that makes you go “WHERE WAS THE BOOK IN THAT PIECE OF 90 MINUTE CRAP?” and I also didn’t want it to change the way I saw the book. Then the cast was announced, and I knew absolutely nothing about Ansel Elgort, but I loved Shailene Woodley (I had seen her in The Secret Life of an American Teenager, in which she is incredible) so I held some confidence on that front. But I was still hesitant. Then the trailers came out, and the stills, and the SOUNDTRACK (I’m so doing a post on this soundtrack because GOSH IS THAT SOUNDTRACK AMAZING OR WHAT?!) and I was excited. I felt like it was going to all turn out all right.

I was blessed to be able to attend The Night Before Our Stars with the BookPeople Teen Press Corps, and I got to see the Live Q&A (super awesome – I think Shailene had just come from filming Insurgent because she was sporting some birds on her collarbone) as well as see Birdy perform (I love her). And I also got to see the film early. Which was super cool. Now, onto thoughts about the film:

Plot: They did an incredible job staying true to the book in my opinion. They kept the majority of the book, which made me very happy, and the scenes that they took out didn’t seem to take much away. I feel like they really did the book justice and gave people who hadn’t read the book a good idea of the plot.

Quotes: TFiOS is known for some of its quotes, and I’m so happy that the writers kept those. They did a fantastic job of keeping Hazel’s sarcasm and Augustus’s profound ideas alive, and Isaac’s wit was on point in this movie.

Scenes/Set: YES YES YES YES YES. First off, I want Hazel’s room, please. (The Hectic Glow poster!?!) Amsterdam was shot so beautifully that I now want to go to Amsterdam. The one scene I was waiting for and didn’t get was the scene towards the end where Augustus says, “You never call me Augustus anymore” (or something along those lines?) because it was SO powerful in the book.

Acting/Characters: They were all incredible. I was floored by all of their performances – especially Ansel’s. He brought such depth and life to Augustus and stayed very true to the way I, at least, imagined him in the book, but also gave him a bit of flair. Augustus is such a complex character in my opinion, because he doesn’t tell people about what he’s feeling, but rather keeps this happy facade. Ansel did a great job with Augustus’s expressions and body language, in my opinion! (Like that one still where Hazel is in the hospital and Augustus is slumped over? Favorite.) Shailene was also incredible. She has that quick wit and sarcasm Hazel is known for so well, and also portrays the depth in Hazel. The on screen chemistry between the two of them was incredible, and what I loved is the screenwriters did a great job showing the transition from friendship to boyfriend that is also done so well in the book.

Last Thoughts: I loved this movie. The writers, director, and cinematographer did a phenomenal job bringing such a beloved book to life. They stayed true to the novel, and did an overall fantastic job. I wouldn’t say I loved it more than the book, because that’s a hard thing to do in my opinion, but I thought they did great. Now I’m even more excited for the PAPER TOWNS MOVIE GUYS LIKE WHAT YES NAT WOLF IS GOING TO BE IN IT AND SAME DIRECTOR AND I’M SO EXCITED I’M SHAKING IT’S MY FAVORITE JOHN GREEN AHHHH. Okay. All caps is over.

Go see it. Okay?