the truth about alice


Title: The Truth About Alice
Author: Jennifer Mathieu
Release Date: 06/3/2014
Reviewed by: Olivia

If you went up to anyone in the small town of Healy, Texas, they’d tell you straight up Alice Franklin is a slut. She’s a skimpy player who was the cause of the most popular guy’s death and also the girl who did two guys in one hour, in one night, ALL at one party. If you mentioned her name to any teenager or adult, they would spill out the rumors that ping around the halls of the high school and the streets of the tiny town. And Alice sure has the history to back up these rumors.

But the rumors are not all that go on with Alice. Healy high has a stall dedicated just for her- a stall that’s covered in graffiti, exclaiming lies and nasty opinions on Alice. The students call it the ‘Slut Stall’. Just for Alice.

As her reputation grows wilder and her world grows darker, Alice is shunned from everyone she has in her life. Her friends turn from her, people on the streets give her disgusted looks, and she is left alone to fend for herself through the screaming assaults from her fellow classmates. Her life will tumble into pieces beneath her… unless someone speaks out the truth, her truth.

Told from the points of view of an ex-best friend, a dead boy’s close friend, the most popular girl at Healy High, and an outcast comes a tough tale of lies, rumors, and terrible truths. The Truth About Alice was so strong. The words and writing within the pages really grasped the tough subject at hand. The subjects were spoken about well – things like sex, abortion, lies, and gossip. And Jennifer Mathieu really showed how just one little comment can change someone’s life completely.

To see the bad and innocent sides of a situation that could happen to anyone was really interesting. The author developed a fine attitude towards Alice and these different people who all played a special role in her ruining.

This novel has power- a power that portrayed the troubles that many teens have suffered through. It shows how cruel people can be and the damage words can do while also showing the good people who can come in with a helping hand. An excellent novel that everyone teen should read to understand the lessons that each character learns in this important story.


Jennifer Mathieu appears here at BookPeople with three other YA authors this Friday, June 27th at 7pm.