Author: Steve Brezenoff
Release Date: 05/1/2014
Reviewed by: Kendall
Guy in Real Life is about Lesh, a 16 year old boy who dresses in black, listens to metal, and plays MMO’s (massive multiplayer online games) and Svetlana, a 18 year old girl who sews, listens to Bjork, and is the dungeon master of her own RPG (Role Playing Game). Two people who meet on a dark street at 2:30 in the morning. They should just get up, walk away, and never see each other again. But fate has a different path in store for these two people.
Guy in Real Life is your general teen love story. Romance, angst, drama, and lots of kissing. What really makes this book wonderful are the characters. Lesh and Svetlana are the weird, outcast type who don’t have many friends and don’t feel the need to be around people. They are wallflowers in the best sense of the word. While in real life they are shy and somewhat timid, in their MMOs and RPGs they are elves, orcs, and masters of their own universe. The combinations of real life romance and game play make this book great for girls and boys. But even better than the romance and game play is that the characters are relatable. They’re awkward and shy just like most teenagers entering their first real relationship. It is a cute, quirky, and all around fun love story that will make you laugh out loud and fall in love with the characters yourself. Definitely one of my new favorite teen love stories. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fun characters, epic game play, and the wonder of first love.