king dork

Title: King Dork
Author: Frank Portman
Release Date: 02/12/2008

Reviewed by: Hayden


Every kid feels abnormal and strange compared to others. What most don’t realize is that normal isn’t a real thing. This book is the first that I have found in which the main character, going by the personal nickname King Dork, not only accepts this fact, but strives to avoid normal at all costs. We follow our self appointed crusader of abnormality through a psychopathically cruel school filled with the terror of the normal bullies, the normal popular kids, and the normal disinterested teachers. Everything changes for our narrator with the events of one party. This leads him down the road to an FBI investigation, two illicit sexual relationships, an unforgettable rock concert, the truth behind his father’s death (sort of), and one theory of the universe. With a narrator with a inner voice worthy of being called a neo-Holden Caufield, our King Dork shows us how different we all are and how truly tyrannical the typical twit is.

I enjoyed this book, even as someone who was forced to read The Catcher in the Rye as a sophomore and despised the writing style. However, this is a very creative story where the extensive monologues actually help the story along. We get an inside view of King Dork’s strange logic. It certainly helps us understand ourselves as well as the story a little better. This a good story to read whenever you are feeling down or alone in this world, because this dork shows us just how different we all are.