prisoner of night and fog

Title: Prisoner of Night & Fog
Author: Anne Blankman
Release Date: 04/1/2014
Reviewed by: Olivia

Set in the years when Germany faced its worst, Prisoner of Night & Fog is an intriguing and utterly brilliant tale of impossible love between a Jewish man and Hitler’s niece. This is a story that hooks you into 1940s Munich and Germany’s devastating times of death and fear. The novel shows the life of Gretchen (or, more commonly known as, Gretl), a young girl who looks up to her Uncle Dolf and lives on the edge consistently in terror of her chaotic brother, Reinhard. She dreams of getting to have her own future, not this silly one her mother wishes to pass down to her with cooking and cleaning and constant chores. And she dreams of her father, who was killed saving the life of Adolf Hitler himself.

At least that’s what she had been told…

The novel puts you into the struggle Jewish people faced, fading into the night and becoming their own fog full of fear. But one of them is determined to discover the truth and tell the world about what’s really going on in the Führer’s mind.
Gretchen’s chance for faith turns and spins into a completely new direction when Daniel comes along: a Jewish man just her age who works as a newspaper writer in hiding. He takes her on an adventure she never thought of, of undiscovered truth, dangerous risks, and a forbidden love. He opens her eyes to a world she had been shielded from her whole life along with love and warmth Gretchen had never felt before.

This psychological, historical romance will leave you wanting more and more long after the last page. It will take you back in time to witness things that will shock and enthrall you. A true must-read by far!


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