Title: Conversion
Author: Katherine Howe
Release Date: 07/1/2014
Reviewed by: Olivia
What would you do if you were a young girl, under the stress of finishing high school and going into college, surrounded by a mysterious illness that no doctors can understand? And what if you were caught in between it all? All the girls you knew were dropping like flies with the sickness . . . and people were disappearing by the numbers from school? But what would it be like if this sickness had already happened, circa late 1600’s, during the Salem witch trials?
Meet Colleen. She’s living in this nightmare. She’s sucked into the mystery and horror show of watching all the people she grew up with have small seizures, break out in screams, and other terrifying symptoms. And nothing like this had happened since the late 16th through 17th centuries. During all this stress and wondering if she could be next to get sick, Colleen comes across a copy of The Crucible, that contains a hidden message that could solve/cure the the mystery illness.
Throughout the novel, you follow Colleen and her thoughts and plot twists, but there is another point of view in the book, too. Ann is in her 20s during 1706, where she goes to a handsome specialist to discuss her tale of woe and sin. She was one of the girls who had an illness – an illness from the devil with similar symptoms to the people in Colleen’s story. But not all is what it seems with Ann and her story, which takes place during the same time period as the troublesome Salem witch trials. With two points of view, Conversion is a tale of thrills, chills, and a dark history. 
But can I just say that this book is PHENOMENAL. Just . . . wow. I stayed up two nights into the wee hours of the morning just so engrossed in this captivating story Katherine created. I can’t put into words how beautifully crafted, planned, and mysterious this novel is. Howe is a beautiful writer, but this novel topped everything as her best yet, in my opinion. The characters were well-built and the story line had me turning page after page after page. Each chapter had a plot twist or a new surprise that kept me going through the book. I’m really lost for words how wonderful this book was. But you – sitting behind your computer or phone reading this review – must go get this book now. Beg your parents, grab your keys, and come get this book in your hands!! And being completely honest, this is the best book I have read all year so far. It was just . . . mind-blowing.
But be warned – when this novel captivates you, there is no turning back from its bewitching spell . . .

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