Title: NeverMore: A Maximum Ride Novel
Author: James Patterson
Release Date: 02/25/2014
Reviewed by: Willa

Is it just me, or does it seem like these books go on and on and on and on. So when it was announced that this one was the last – like the last, the last – I realized it had to be just totally amazing.

I was right.

This book was action-packed – with fight scenes stuck next to heart wrenching emotional scenes, to character arcs that make you blink a couple of times, to discoveries that change everything. This book has it all – and more. Max is tested, Dylan has to decide how far he is willing to go for Max, Fang has to come to terms with his feelings for Max, Nudge realizes a thing or two about being normal, Gazzy and Iggy are their hilarious selves, and Angel – well Angel is her kick-butt self.

Somehow, in 368 pages, James Patterson manages to wow the audience again – after eight books. He has the talent to build up characters, take readers for a roller coaster ride, have them land safely on the ground, and then a disaster takes place that makes you ache for the next book. And after all of that, his characters are in the precarious spot of humans knowing who they are, and yet they’re supposed to battle Erasers (which scare me to death), the evil scientists who raised them, and people who aren’t what they seem. Max and the flock are in for some fun.

There was one thing I was very thankful for: James Patterson took the really weird situation that Dylan and Max were in, and made them kind of fall for each other, and then throw Fang back into the mix because Fang just has the talent of taking everything and making it a whole lot more dramatic. But when it came time for Max to make a decision, she made a decision that we all knew she would – but she didn’t leave behind the other guy. And I was very thankful. (Because honestly, the other guy was quite awesome.)

Nevermore raises the standards, pushes the characters to their limits, tests the boundaries of love, and shows the true extent friends and family are willing to go for each other. An addicting finale that was well worth the wait.