such a rush

Title: Such A Rush
Author: Jennifer Echols
Release Date: 12/18/2012
Reviewed by: Willa

This was my first Jennifer Echols book, and I have to say, it really impressed me! I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from bloggers lately about her, and I have been wanting to give her a shot, especially with this new book.

Such a Rush is addicting – the characters was very flawed, yet somehow you like them enough to keep on reading. Leah is one of those people you meet and wish you could just take in because her life isn’t good. In fact, it’s pretty bad – other than flying, of course. And her best friend, Molly, I didn’t like from the start. She seemed like she didn’t care about Leah for much except in a superficial way, and didn’t want to have to deal with the stuff in Leah’s life unless she absolutely had to.

Grayson and Alec come into the story about halfway through, and by then, you’ve heard so much about them, that when you meet them you’re like, “What? These are the guys Leah won’t shut up about?” And Grayson was totally not a guy I liked. But then, he grew on you. He was hot and cold though – one moment totally sweet, the next hard and rude. Alec, on the other hand, was sweet, slightly carefree, and totally not what Leah needed in a boyfriend. She needed a Grayson – just without the bad parts.

So when the history of Grayson, Alec, Leah, and the Hall family is dredged up, Leah is involved, and not necessarily in the way she wants. All of a sudden, Leah is important to a family she has always wanted to be a part of, and it’s not exactly glorious by any means. The only question is: why have the brothers changed?

I really enjoyed this book – it’s original, well written, and the characters are real. They feel like people you could meet walking down the street, and that is becoming harder and harder to find now in fiction. The story is interesting and a great read! I highly suggest this book.