~Post by Laura and Ta’Necia


 1. Strong female heroines

katniss kicks butt

We all know the cookie cutter romance found in most Disney movies and quite a few teen romance novels: boy meets girl, girl becomes a damsel in distress, guy saves girl. I can tell you personally that you will find absolutely none of this in Jennifer Armentrout’s books. Whether it’s Kat, the female lead of the Lux series, or Alex, who starts in the Covenant series, these ladies kick butt first and ask questions later. Now we’re not saying they don’t fall in love (see item number two below), just that their whole lives don’t revolve around their boyfriends and that if there’s a problem, they don’t go running to the first man they see to come save them. They are just fine on their own, but they don’t mind accepting help if they need it. Basically, they act like most females do these days, which is amazing.


 2. While there’s plenty more to the plot of her stories, the romance is fantastic!!



And it’s good romance too (see item number 5). First of all it’s healthy, unlike some books (not that I’m mentioning any names), and it makes me laugh, cry, and whoop with joy sometimes. While it is fantastic, it’s not what the entire series is about. There are actual problems that these main characters face (such as a horde of soul sucking demons or government agents who want to capture them and conduct experiments on them) and the mix of action, romance, and normal things like school is what makes Jennifer’s books so easy to read and easy to love.


 3. Hilarious!

doctor who

Seriously. This speaks for itself.


4. Hot guys and cookies.

daemon black cookie

Guys, there are plenty of hot girls in this series as well; they just aren’t known for eating cookies.


 5. Sass.

daemon kitter


The characters in her book take sass to a whole other level! Daemon Black and Katy Shwarts  win the award  for Best Sassy Couple of the Year.


 6. This Guy.

daemon black eyes

This is the dude on the book jacket who is supposed to be Daemon Black. If the Daemon in your head is hotter, then by all means stick with that image of him.

 7. Finally, a good book about aliens!

i am #4

We have so many stories about vampires, zombies, and werewolves, it’s nice that aliens finally get some attention. We’re not talking  about small green martians with gigantic heads and little bodies, but aliens that look like us, are gorgeous, and have awesome powers. Who wouldn’t want to read this?


8. Sexy times and action side by side.

jgreen crazy

Enough said.


9. Great writing.

read all the books

Armentrout’s plots are fantastic and her writing is to die for. It’s always nice when you find an author who mixes a great story with great writing. It’s like the best PB&J one could hope for.


10. Her last name is Armentrout!!

mean girls gif

Seriously. People with amazing last names tend to write amazing books. I don’t think you could find a cooler name than Armentrout.

While all these reasons are partially silly and completely serious, the bottom line is that Jennifer Armentrout’s series and stand alone novels are to die for and she will not disappoint!!!!



jennifer armentrout

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