wish you were italian

Title: Wish You Were Italian (Signed Copies Available While Supplies last!)
Author: Kristin Rae
Release Date: 05/06/2014

Reviewed by: Olivia

What would you do if you were shipped off all alone to a summer camp you dreaded in a foreign country? And all what you had was some sweet cash, a love for photography, and a daring bucket list your best friend made for you?

Psh! Fall in love of course!

Pippa is a teenage girl set off for a whole summer in Italy, where her mother has planned for her to attend art camp. But art camp is the last thing Pippa has on her mind for the next three months. With the beautiful history, yummy gelato, and hot foreign guys walking around, who would choose to go to camp instead of exploring? Nobody, of course!

Sly and daring Pippa decides to fake her trip to the camp and have her own adventure through Italy whilst finishing the bucket list. Alone and excited, the young traveler comes across new people and a whole exciting experience she can’t wait to live. With her camera at the ready and a smile on her face, the last thing she expects is to fall in love.

Wish You Were Italian is the sweet, summer read that will have you wishing YOU were falling for an Italian. With the sweet surprises and heart-beating scenes, Rae has written the chick-lit hit of the summer!

This story had me flipping the pages over and over, scanning the chapters to see what could possibly happen next. Pippa’s adventure was so fun and sweet. The visuals and places described in the book had me daydreaming of the beautiful wonders of Italy. And not to mention the characters: The Italian boys? Don’t even get me started!!

This was such a joy to read. It was the perfect summer romance for you ladies out there who are searching for one. Rae’s story is sweet and sensual whilst maintaining wit and fun. Brilliant!