fourH A L E Y

Four by Veronica Roth

Four is a collection of Divergent short stories written in Tobias Easton’s-Four- point of view. This book is amazing! It is always fun to get inside another characters head instead of the main character. This is a must read for all Divergent fans!!


demon theifK E N D A L  L

The Demon Thief by Darren Shan

The Demon Thief is the second book in the Demonata series. If you’re looking for something horrifying and gory, then Darren Shan is the author for you!



the selectionS O F I A

The Selection by Kiera Cass

This is a book set in a dystopian world about a girl in a contest to marry the prince. So far it’s very addicting and I cannot stop reading it.



the maze runnerX A N D E R

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner is an awesome dystopian novel in which teens live in a place called the Glade. They have no recollection of their past, who put them there, and how to get out, until a special boy named Thomas shows up and the Glade begins to fall apart. This book has non-stop action and will literally keep you in the dark until its last remaining pages!


on the fenceWI L L A

On The Fence by Kasie West

Kasie West is also the author of the YA fantasy Pivot Point, which I really enjoyed! I’m not too far in, but so far it’s a fabulous, contemporary story. I’ve got some high expectations for this one!



the doll peopleM I R I A M

The Doll People by Ann Matthews Martin

I haven’t read these books since 5th grade, but I still love them! A group of dolls are traveling on a ship because they have lost their parents and are searching for them. This is a really sweet adventure about family and a place called home.



nogginA D R I E N N E

Noggin by John Corey Whaley

When someone’s head gets chopped off and sewn onto another person’s body, you get Travis. Travis is dying and is open to new ideas because, hey, he’s going to die anyways. Five years later, he wakes up with the same head, but different body, a whole new world to get used to, and he has to deal with the fact that his girlfriend and his family  have moved on since then. John Corey Whaley knows how to take one complicated and make it even more complicated and still make these uncomfortable situations real and laugh-out-loud funny!


young elitesE M I L Y

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

This is an amazing dark epic fantasy that will blow your mind. I love the world-building and how Lu developed the fantasy elements. This is great book for all teens who love imaginative story-telling and dark magic!



some boysO L I V I A

Some Boys by Patty Blount

This one came out very recently and so far everyone is loving it. I’m only a few pages in, but it’s very intriguing! It tells the story of a girl who has been date-raped as she tries to overcome this trauma. While her friends and entire school turn against her, one boy, Ian, believes her. He accepts her and cares, but he’s got a secret himself.