kiss of broken glass


Title: Kiss of Broken Glass
Author: Madeleine Kuderick
Release Date: 9/01/14

Reviewed by: Miriam

Kenna is just another girl trying to fit in, but she does so by cutting herself. At first, it was just once or twice a week, but soon it grew into the only thing she could think about. Just like everyone with an addiction, Kenna says that she’s not addicted and that she’s fine. It takes a 72-hour stay in the local hospital to realize that she’s not. I know this isn’t a book that most people would want to read because of the cutting part, but I loved it a lot. I guess it’s the fact that I’m reading about something that is “forbidden.”

My favorite character was Skylar, a girl Kenna met in the hospital. I liked Skylar because even though she also cut, she was extremely encouraging to everyone and tried to help stop whatever got them in the hospital. She was always looking for things to do to distract them, and although it didn’t really help her, she was a huge help to others. My least favorite character is one of Kenna ex-friends, Tara. Obviously, the book makes her out to be one of the bad guys, but the reason I don’t like her is because she seems like a hypocrite. Tara cuts herself too and the only reason she does it is so she can be more popular than everyone else. When Tara found Kenna cutting in the bathroom at school, she got help not because she was worried, but because she didn’t want her title as the most daring cutter stolen. My favorite part in the book is when Skylar is talking about drawing a butterfly on her arm with sharpie and dedicating it to someone. Because Skylar says that when you do this, you can’t cut no matter how bad you want to because if you do cut while the butterfly is still on your arm, then you have killed the person. I thought that this was really cool. I felt like by doing that they had someone to believe in and someone believing in them. Although it is a shocking book, I loved it.