they all fall down


Title: They All Fall Down
Author: Roxanne St. Claire
Release Date: 10/14/2014
Reviewed by: Olivia

Kenzie has never be known to be pretty- or known at all. As the Latin club geek with shy features she has always kept most people away. Well, that’s until the List came out.

The List, better known as “The Hottie List” ranks the top-ten most attractive girls at Kenzie’s High School. It comes up on the wall every year, each girl clawing at a chance to get into one of those ten places. On the list-premiere day, one text from an unknown number will change Kenzie’s life…

You made the List.

Ranked as Number Five, Kenzie is on a roll to the high life – parties, her dream boy falling for her, popularity, and more. But she has no interest in any of these things at all. Her real thoughts are with the strange happenings that are occurring around her.

Once her name hit the List, Kenzie finds herself caught up in a dangerous scandal of life-threatening “accidents”. And as these accidents grow more common, they spread to the other nine girls on the list as well, threatening to hurt, or even end, them.

Rumors of a curse spread across the campus rapidly while the ten girls sit on edge, not knowing what’s around the corner for them next. Kenzie, on the other hand, thinks differently. Are these “accidents” just some sort of silly curse? Or are they intentional? Intentional to kill?

A thrilling read that will keep you wanting to know more, They All Fall Down is a tale of one girl caught up in a deadly mystery containing secret messages and confusing twists and turns. I thought the writing was very fun and light, even with such a dark mood. It was a good mix, perfect for fans of the book series/television show, Pretty Little Liars!


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