the merciless


Title: The Merciless
Author: Danielle Vega
Release Date: 6/12/2014
Reviewed by: Emily

The Merciless draws in unsuspecting readers like a haunted house draws in horror movie characters. The first few chapters are benignly cliche— Sofia is the new girl at a school where she befriends an outcast girl and the queen bees, and crushes on the vaguely popular puppy-dog-cute boy. Glaringly obvious bad omens crop up, and I found myself telling Sofia to leave, not go into the house, not talk to any of those people, in the same way everyone shouts directions at clueless teenagers in horror movies. When Sofia entered the basement (Rule #1 of horror movies: the basement is dangerous) of the empty house to find Brooklyn tied up for an exorcism, the tone of the book completely changed. The chapters the girls spend trapped in the house contain some of the most horrifying and gruesome scenes I have ever read. They were amazing!!. I’m easily frightened, but I couldn’t stop myself from turning page after page to discover more horrors. I needed to know how Sofia and the others got out of the house, who managed to get out of the house, if any of them survived. The majority of scary stories have endings that are easy to figure out, but I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading The Merciless. While one drawback was that there wasn’t much in the way of character development, this is a great book if you’re looking for a good scare. My jaw dropped when I read the ending. I would recommend The Merciless to both avid horror fans and fellow scaredy-cats alike.