even in paradise

Title: Even In Paradise
Author: Chelsey Philpot
Release Date: 10/1/2014

Reviewed by: Haley
Seventeen-year-old Charlotte Ryder is swept up into a world of dazzling parties, stunning vacation homes, and the wealthy, mysterious, yet beautifully broken Buchanan family.

Meet Julia. She’s gorgeous, hilarious, a little bit crazy, and she’s a Buchanan.

When she and Charlotte cross paths in junior year of high school, they instantly become best friends. Charlotte soon finds herself spending a flawless summer at the Buchanan’s vacation home in Nantucket. Well, almost flawless. The Buchanan family is hiding secrets—secrets Charlotte stumbles upon and can’t seem to shake out of her head. There really is tragedy, even in paradise.

Enter Sebastian. He’s charming, witty, beautiful, and he happens to be Julia’s brother.

Charlotte soon falls in love with—no, not Sebastian! (Well, maybe.) She falls in love with the entire Buchanan family. But what will happen if Charlotte uncovers the Buchanan family secrets? Will they still accept her? Or will Charlotte decide that she is better off without them?

I absolutely love Chelsey Philpot’s writing style! Even in Paradise is sprinkled with beautiful French and Latin phrases. Oh, do I wish I was fluent in these languages! In addition, Philpot’s characters are incredibly rich and likeable, and all of their actions have very clear intentions. Wow. Five out of five stars! This book is a perfect read for fans of We Were Liars or Since You’ve Been Gone.

I promise addiction!