since you've been gone

Title: Since You’ve Been Gone
Author: Morgan Matson
Release Date: 05/01/2014
Reviewed by: Willa

I’ve always loved a good friendship book, and Since You’ve Been Gone is definitely one of my favorites. Morgan Matson is an incredible writer (seriously how are her books so long but also the perfect length? I have no idea. Morgan, tell me please) and I’m a huge fan of her prose. She manages to incorporate humor and depth into her books in a subtle way that feels effortless and natural. You begin to think like her characters do, and you see the world through their eyes. It’s an incredible feeling.

Since You’ve Been Gone centers around Emily, who is living the summer she expected to have with her best friend all alone, and she’s not exactly excited about it. Then she finds the to-do list and decides to do it, which changes everything. She begins to see the world around her in a different way, lead a life she never knew she could, and let herself feel in a way she never had before. Emily and Sloane’s relationship is a close one, filled with love and support, but it’s also a bit rocky. Sloane’s the one who drives the events, and Emily is the more rational one. They balance each other out. So without Sloane, Emily reverts back to pre-Sloane which isn’t nearly as exciting or interesting.

Then Frank comes into the picture. As a surprise friend, he becomes someone who Emily grows close to, especially in Sloane’s absence. Their relationship is so, yet again, effortless in many ways. They match so well, complement each other in all the right ways, and he encourages her to become the person she is meant to be. I love how Matson builds their relationship and lets the two of them grow from each other!

I don’t really have any issues with this book, except for the fact that Sloane bothers me. But, maybe that’s something you’re supposed to feel? You see her through the past, which is a bit hard to judge someone on . . . I’m not sure. I just had a hard time liking her.

Matson comes back with yet another show-stopping book, and I’m still a fan. Hand over the next book, please.