openly straight

Title: Openly Straight
Author: Bill Konigsburg
Release Date: 09/10/2013
Reviewed by: Miriam

Rafe has spent his whole life dealing with being gay, and now that he has a chance to start over, he decides to take a different route. Starting the new year at an all-boys boarding school, Rafe decides not to announce he’s gay. He wants the labels gone, but after he starts to fall in love with a guy named Ben, he realizes maybe it wasn’t the best idea after-all.

I love this book and it definitely surprised me in the long run. Despite the title, Openly Straight caught me off guard with the sexual identity angle. I thought it was going to be about some girl in school dealing with a gay friend or something like that, but what I got is way better. I have to say my favorite parts are Rafe’s journal entries at the end of each chapter because they show you his internal dialogue and feelings. It includes all the thoughts he doesn’t really express to anyone else throughout the book. My favorite characters are Rafe’s parents because the are so open about everything that he needs help with, and they are very welcoming when it comes to his friends.

I thought this book was great! And when I was done reading it I had a bittersweet kinda feeling. The only thing I was left saying was, “Awwww.” If you love books with complex characters, Rafe and this book is for you!!!