Title: Rampant
Author: Diana Peterfreund
Release Date: 9/01/2010
Reviewed by: Haley

Astrid Llewelyn hunts unicorns. Killer, bloodthirsty, man-eating unicorns.  Never thought you’d hear those words describe such whimsical childhood fantasies, now did you? Long story short, Astrid and her boyfriend, Brandt, are totally not doing anything inappropriate in the woods when a young unicorn approaches and impales Brandt. Yes, you read that right. Impale. Like, violently stab. Well, as you can imagine, Astrid is pretty shaken up. Her more-or-less certifiable insane mother saves Brandt’s life with a pretty sketchy “remedy” saved from the era of ancient Rome. Astrid soon finds herself on a plane to Italy under the understanding that she will join the Cloisters of Ctesias, an establishment dedicated to eradicating all unicorns. The thing is, Astrid wants to be a doctor . . . not a unicorn hunter. Can she find a way out of this nightmare? Or will she really dedicate her entire life to hunting down some not-so-mythical creatures?

Five stars, hands down! Rampant reminds me a lot of the White Rabbit Chronicles (aka Alice in Zombieland—one of my favorite trilogies ever), with its supernatural creatures, scientific aspect, and authentic voice. I am super stoked to read more in this trilogy! It’s the perfect mix of action, romance, and humor, and would be a great read for any urban fantasy lover. Weirdly enough, I like to think I’m an all-things-unicorn professional now! The Killer Unicorns series continues in its epic sequel, Ascendant.