the cellar

Title: The Cellar
Author: Natasha Preston
Release Date: 3/01/2014
Reviewed by: Miriam

I love this book so much! I couldn’t put it down and I finished half of it in a day. It is about Summer, a normal 16 year-old with a normal life: boyfriend, school, daily arguments with her brother, and working shows at the local club. Everything is perfect until she gets kidnapped by a crazy guy and held captive for eight months. I’m not really going to go in-depth about the plot but, it is amazingly intriguing, and suspenseful. I like how it shows different points of view including the kidnappers. There is only one part where the pace slowed down a little, but the rest keeps the story moving forward in a satisfying, page-turning way. It is also a good book because it is different from others out there. I have never read a book that goes into such detail and depth about kidnapping until this book, and I have to say it adds so much to the story. My favorite character is Lewis, Summer’s boyfriend, because he always cares for her and is there for her no matter what happens. This is an amazing book from start to finish, I would never give it away, and I want to keep it forever.