false sight

Title: False Sight
Author: Dan Krokos

Release Date: 07/15/2014
Reviewed by: Emily

More than anything, Miranda wants her life to be normal. Or, as normal it gets for a clone with psychic powers. She and her friends try to build new lives, but their past comes back to bite them when one of their teammates turns against them. Now Miranda has to fight to protect her friends and save the world.

I love the technology Krokos comes up with in this series. The memory downloads, giving kids the psychic power to cause fear; it’s fantastic. I particularly enjoy the Roses’ (the name for the kids with powers) abilities because it’s something I haven’t ever seen before and also it shows just how powerful of a weapon fear can be.

Even though Rhys and Sequel are new to the group, they and Miranda, Peter, and Noah quickly form strong bonds. They become a family, willing to risk each willing to risk their lives for one another. Peter and Miranda’s relationship is well-written and low-key, which allows it to be enjoyable and leaves the action at the forefront of the story.

Just like the first book, False Memory, this book absolutely blew me away. It’s chock-full of action and plenty of twists, but with steady pacing. Also, it has explosions. From clones to parallel universes, this sci-fi thriller will have readers on the edge of their seats.