the shadow cabinet

Title: The Shadow Cabinet (Shades of London #3)
Author: Maureen Johnson
Release Date: 02/10/2015
Reviewed by: Emily

Rory is at a crossroads. After she was kidnapped, her parents and friends demanded answers that she couldn’t give. Stephen is dead, and her classmate Charlotte is still held by the same woman who kidnapped Rory. The kidnapper is both girls’ therapist, Jane Quaint, who is wrapped up in a cult that threatens to open the gap between the living and the dead, and destroy London in the process.

I love the setting of London because there is so much history to explore, and the author takes care to research facts which she weaves into her fiction. She really uses the city to its full potential to create a rich backdrop for the series.

Freddie Sellars is a new character introduced in this book, and she is very well-developed minor – but pivotal – character. She is also my darling. Honestly, having a ghost-busting lesbian in one of the best paranormal series in a long time is a dream come true.

Overall, I love The Shadow Cabinet. It’s a perfect mix of paranormal, drama, and adventure that carries the same “hanging onto the edge of your seat” spark as its two predecessors. Maureen Johnson is such a talented author; I’ve read and enjoyed nearly every book she’s written. I encourage all paranormal fans to pick up the Shades of London series, and everyone who’s read the beginning of the series simply must read The Shadow Cabinet as soon as possible.