conspiracy of blood and smoke

Title: Conspiracy of Blood And Smoke
Author: Anne Blankman
Release Date: 04/021/2014
Reviewed by: Miriam

I loved the first book, (Prisoner of Night and Fog) and this one is no exception! Gretchen and her boyfriend Daniel have escaped to London and are living under false names when he gets a distressed letter from his family. With no choice but to return back to Germany, Daniel and Gretchen are running back into the dangerous world they’ve tried to escape.

I really can’t say very much about the plot without giving it away, but I will say it has way more action than the first book. There are a few slower parts but it is overall a very fast-paced book. My favorite character is the criminal leader named Friedrich. He takes care of Daniel and Gretchen when it means life or death for himself and others. I really love this book because the general plot is very unique. Every turn of the page brings surprise as well as unexpected non-stop action. Don’t worry, it’s not all action – there is also romance!

When I finished the book, I just had to sit there for a second because WOW. Love this book! This is a book anybody can love, and if you’re a fan of historical fiction then you must check it out!!