dove arising

Title: Dove Arising
Author: Karen Bao
Release Date: 2/24/2015
Reviewed by: Kendall

Dove Arising is one of those books that catches you off guard. I figured it would be like every other sci-fi book out there and leave me bored. That is definitely not the case! Not only is this book set on the moon (which is awesome) it’s reminiscent of some of my favorite books, Hunger Games and Divergent. However, it is not so much like them that it aggravates me. Dove Arising holds it own next to those books.

One thing I love in books is a huge dose of girl power and Dove Arising had plenty of it! Phaet is the definition of girl power. She takes care of her family and does what needs to be done without any messy romance getting in the way. That being said, Wes is a stellar choice for her when everything is once again right with the world. The only thing that I wish this book had more of was description about the setting. The book is set on the moon, and I would have liked to feel like I was actually on the moon while reading the book. However, the lack of setting description does not take anything away from the story. Definitely a must read for fans of sci-fi, or books that involve young girls battling evil governments.