wells end

Title: Well’s End
Author: Seth Fishman
Release Date: 01/08/2015
Reviewed by: Xander

Mia is a famous girl of sorts, but not for a good reason. She is known for an embarrassing and terrifying experience she had when she was little – Mia got stuck in a well. Mia now attends college in her town and her dad works at the secretive Fenton Electronics. Everything is as it should be, but it changes in a snap. Mia’s school gets quarantined and a virus starts spreading like wildfire; a mysterious virus whose origins and effects are not yet known. Mia has a risky idea: to escape the school and find her dad, who warned her about the coming virus, before it’s too late. In a fast, enthralling story about a girl and her friends on the run from danger, they may just find it lurking right where they don’t expect.

I have noticed that more and more YA is starting to involve viruses and plagues, and I was very relieved when I found that this book was original and didn’t just blend in with all the other books. I LOVE the concept, and man those hazmat dudes are CREEPY. Close your eyes. Imagine a dude in a hazmat suit coming towards you in the woods while it’s snowing and you are being hunted. That’s scary as crap. This book was eerie and kept me on the edge of my seat. A trek through the woods + cold weather + secrets + plague = fun times. I also loved Fenton electronics; it’s like Secret Service as a company that has been hiding things for years. What are behind those air-tight doors?!?! The story kept me on my toes and exceeded my expectations. I can not wait to read the sequel to see what happens next.