Title: Magonia
Author:Maria Dahvana Headley
Release Date: 04/28/2015
Reviewed by: Sofia

Aza has a history of hospitals. Whether she has to be rushed from the middle of class, or from her house, to the emergency room, she ends up there more than she’d like to think. People don’t know why she’s dying. The doctors have even had to come up with a completely different name for her illness, Aza Ray Syndrome. The only person who might be more afraid of her death than herself is Jason, Aza’s best friend who happens to be a teenage mastermind. When Aza claims to see a flying ship in the sky, everyone thinks she’s hallucinating or it’s a side effect of one of her medications, but Jason believes her. Aza has known Jason forever and is discovering she likes him as something a little more than the best friend he’s always been. By hacking into websites no normal teenager can access, Jason discovers the name of this flying ship, Magonia. Strange things have started happening to Aza starting with her MRI showing there was a feather trapped in her lungs with no explanation. Then Aza starts to hear voices, is this mysterious ship searching for her?

I absolutely fell in love with this book. It’s fast paced and the characters really come alive on the page. There are some parts when I didn’t know how the story would continue but then the author would completely blow my mind in the next chapter. Magonia is such a magical book and I loved reading about this very original plot and watching this almost mystery unwind. Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down for hours. I think this is a really good read for sci-fi fantasy lovers because it can somehow take you to a new world while staying in our own.