dream a little dream


Title: Dream A Little Dream
Author: Kerstin Gier
Release Date: 4/14/2015
Reviewed by: Haley 

Dream a Little Dream is the first book in a new series written by Kerstin Gier, author of the Ruby Red trilogy. Liv Silver is your typical fifteen-year-old girl: she’s living in London with her family, going to school at Frognal Academy (no, this school has nothing to do with frogs), and has been shopping dresses for the school’s annual dance. Except there’s one thing not-so-normal about Liv: she has been having weird dreams lately. I know what you’re thinking, but these dreams aren’t like the usual taking-a-test-you-haven’t-studied-for nightmare, Liv has been dreaming of boys conducting magical rituals in graveyards. To add to the creepy, she knows these boys from school, and they know things about Liv that they could have only known through her dream interactions with them. This is where it really gets weird: these boys have made a deal with a demon and need a new member to join their group to free this monster from the underworld.  Guess who’s the best candidate for the job? If you answered Liv, then you’re right. It looks like Liv has some big decisions to make . . .

I absolutely L-O-V-E this book! Liv has an incredibly strong voice throughout the novel, which makes falling into her story insanely easy. It’s practically impossible to put this book down! I especially loved that there was no love triangle . . . let’s be honest, love triangles are uber stressful! If you’re like me and especially appreciate books with easy romance, Dream a Little Dream is the perfect read for you. Overall this book is amazing, and I am definitely going to continue on with this series! Can anyone tell me when the second book comes out?! I need to know what happens after this killer cliffhanger!