Title: Earth Girl
Author: Janet Edwards
Release Date: 3/05/2013
Reviewed by Miriam

Jarra lives on Earth, but it’s not her choice. It’s 2788 and she is one of the few people born with an immune system disorder that doesn’t let her live on the other planets. Everyone thinks her kind are apes, throwbacks, rejects, etc. and she wants to prove them wrong. She applies to an off-world college in pre-history, people who study on Earth about the Earth, her work is definitely cut out for her.

I loved this book because it was really odd to think about New York and Chicago and LA and all the major cities completely deserted and run down. It was also very funny to read about her class trying to figure out what the Formula 1 is and how rare books and paintings are then compared to now. I have to say I also really liked this book because of the fact that maybe one day that could be us living on different planets and portaling through space. My favorite characters were two of Jarra’s classmates, Lolia and Lolmack, because although they do seem a little wild and free (if you know what I mean) their reason for going to Earth and taking that class is very sincere. It made me realize how deceiving looks can be. In this book I didn’t have a definite least favorite character but if I had to choose one it would be Krath because he always seems insensitive towards people’s feelings and emotions, but that does improve after a while. I just really like this book and I enjoyed it immensely.